estela EEB : Romania : bucharest : 0040729107605

Sex female
Varsta 25
Tara Romania
Oras bucharest
Telefon 0040729107605
Greutate 47
Inaltime 165
Ochi green
Par brown
B:T:S 90:55:94
I am a young girl middle twenties, slim, with brown hair; my tits are B, not big, I can send you pics naked to fully enjoy the pleasure and get to know me better before dating (skype/pp) I have just graduated the college & and I DO speak a very good english; as I mentioned in the previous page my interests varies, I love relaxing conversation (which proves you too show respect for a woman), but we can also go straight to warming up the bed please express your wish for sexy uniforms, underwear, strip show and more....I posses a wide collection

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