Daphne : Romania : bucharest : +4 0736 494 313

Sex female
Varsta 25
Tara Romania
Oras bucharest
Telefon +4 0736 494 313
Greutate 49
Inaltime 170
Ochi brown
Par brown
B:T:S 89:55:92
Site http://www.daphne.funsites.ro
My service is special in all concerns: I am very clean lady, with soft skin, with long hair died in any colour you like, mostly brown. ONLY IF you choose a discreet location, I will be wearing very nice outfits like in the movies, some very famous brands, and the hottest underwear you desire. First and foremost to be an escort does not just mean to me having a job, but it is also one of my hobbies and fun which I enjoy in all its essence. From the very first moment when I receive a call, then I get to know the place and time of meeting, all th

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