Mya Letoq : Romania : bucharest : 004 0765 993190

Sex female
Varsta 33
Tara Romania
Oras bucharest
Telefon 004 0765 993190
Greutate 50
Inaltime 170
Ochi green
Par brown
B:T:S 86:62:90
Hy I am Mya Letoq, a sophisticated stripgirl with a solid background in everything including the most desired by you!!! I would like to offer you one interesting combination of charm, relax and good spirit together with a professional service in your luxurios location. See you soon! Interests swimming, dancing, relaxing, sports,restaurants,jewelry,flowers,music,theather, shopping,city tours,modeling, big parties s.o. Shall we spend together a delightfull time everytime you visit Romania? Let me turn your business trip into a pleasant on

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